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Public Service Announcements

Our Public Service Announcements (PSAs) reach millions of parents nationwide informing them about the rating system and why it is important that they use it when choosing games for their families. Through the generous support of our media partners, we have been able to reach millions of parents through a variety of media outlets including TV, radio, print, outdoor, and online.

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OK to Play? Campaign

In 2003 ESRB launched a national PSA campaign spanning print, online, radio and TV. The campaign, featuring the slogan "OK To Play?", explains the rating system and urges parents and others to use both components of the rating system (rating symbols and content descriptors) in order to make informed computer and video game purchase decisions. Print ads have appeared in a number of top parent-focused publications including Parenting, Working Mother, Good Housekeeping, Ser Padres, and TV Guide.

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National Television and Radio PSAs

ESRB regularly develops PSAs that air on television and radio stations across the U.S. as well as on some retailers' in-store TV networks. The campaigns are often timed to coincide with the Holiday shopping season and serve to educate parents about the rating system, encourage that they use it, and inform them about resources - like rating summaries and mobile tools - that can help them be informed about game content and choose age-appropriate games for their children. These campaigns air thousands of times annually and typically reach hundreds of millions of viewers and listeners.

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Statewide PSAs

To complement our national ratings education efforts ESRB also works with various state and local partners to raise awareness. These have included elected officials - governors, attorneys general, mayors and legislators - as well as various government agencies and pro sports teams such as the New Orleans Saints. Campaigns typically include TV and radio ads and brochures distributed through retail outlets, but have also included components like billboards, mall kiosk ads and subway/bus panels depending on what method makes the most sense for a given media market. Partnering with these groups and leaders has been a way to localize the ESRB message and extend our education and outreach efforts to a broader group of parents.

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In-Store PSAs

In-Store PSAs

Reaching consumers about the ratings at the point of sale is critical, and although most retailers display signage that explains the rating system and encourages consumers to use it, there is always more that can be done. To that end, ESRB and Walmart developed a series of PSAs that have run in recent years on their nationwide in-store TV network. Many other retailers, such as GameStop and Best Buy, have also supported ratings education efforts by running ESRB PSAs on their in-store networks.

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Penny Arcade PSAs

Penny Arcade video game rating PSA

ESRB has developed two PSA campaigns in collaboration with the creative team behind the popular webcomic, Penny Arcade. The first included five print ads and numerous online banner ads that feature original characters representing the ages of various rating categories, and was rolled out sequentially during the Summer and Fall of 2006. The next installment followed in 2012 with three characters based on a real-life mom, dad and gamer describing the importance of tools like the ratings, rating summaries and the ESRB mobile app. The campaign has been well received and broadly picked up in numerous publications and websites.

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Media Partners

The ESRB public service campaign has received broad support from TV, radio, print and online media outlets. Please visit our Media Partners page to view a list of many of the publications, stations and websites that have supported ESRB PSA campaigns.

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