FTC: ESRB Has Most Effective Ratings Enforcement

Written by Max Jay, Assistant Director, Communications
July 1, 2018

According a 2013 study the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) found that ESRB has the highest in-store ratings enforcement among all entertainment industries (film, home video, music).

FTC ratings enforcement

The FTC confirmed this in its mystery shopper audit. The audit details that 87% of individuals under 17-years-old were denied when trying to purchase Mature-rated games.

That’s in no small part thanks to the hard work of the ESRB Retail Council (ERC). The ERC works with ESRB to enforce store policies to not sell M-rated games to kids a parent. We also conduct mystery shopper audits twice a year to make sure our work with ERC members continues to keep ratings enforcement high and helps parents make informed choices about which video games are appropriate for their kids.

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