E for Everyone is the Rating Category Most Frequently Assigned by ESRB

Written by Max Jay, Assistant Director, Communications
April 2, 2020

In 2019, as in every previous year, the E for Everyone Rating Category continues to be the most frequent rating assigned by the ESRB according to our Rating Category Breakdown. Check out the chart below to see what portion each Rating Category represents of the more than 4,000 ratings that we assigned last year.  We think you may be surprised!

ESRB Ratings Assigned in 2019

2019 Rating Category Breakdown

E (Everyone)

45% of all physical and console downloadable games in 2019 were rated E for Everyone. This means more than 1,815 games in 2019 were (and are) suitable for the whole family!

E10+ (Everyone 10+)

The Everyone 10 + rating was assigned to 14% of the games in 2019. Your 10-year-old was age appropriate for almost 2,380 games last year!

T (Teen)

28% of games were assigned the T for Teen rating in 2019. Combined with E and E10+, 87% of physical and console downloadable games in 2019 are appropriate for your teenager!

M (Mature 17+)

M (Mature 17+) was the least common rating assignment in 2019, with 13%.

Remember, every kid is different and it’s up to you to make the final decisions about which video games are appropriate for your children. After all, you do know them best!

If you find that you need more information about a game, take a look at the rating summary available on ESRB.org and our free rating search app. You can also use our step-by-step parental control guides to make sure you kids’ video game experiences stay age appropriate. Even when you’re not around!

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