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ESRB Parent Ambassadors

ESRB Parent Ambassadors are a community of family-focused bloggers and tech writers helping parents navigate the ever-changing digital landscape and providing insight about how to choose the best-suited games, apps and interactive media for their children.

Check back often for updates, insights and tips from the ESRB Parent Ambassadors!

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Parent Ambassadors

Caryn Bailey of Rockin Mama is a long-time family-focused writer and digital media expert, who covers the latest movie releases and accompanying digital campaigns for families. In addition, Caryn regularly reviews the newest tech, apps and devices for parents and family - always advocating for the connected family. Caryn draws from her experience as a mother, a health care professional and tech enthusiast to share her knowledge and experiences using technology responsibly to enhance learning and further build on social and cognitive skills. Having traveled the world, Southern California is home to Caryn and her two young children. Together they enjoy playing Mario Party, Pokemon and Just Dance.

Leticia Barr of Tech Savvy Mama is a technology specialist and trained school administrator for a large DC Metro area school system, who helps parents navigate the digital age. Leticia shares technology and educational resources for today's families, contributing to Parents.com, Babble and Scholastic Parents' Learning Toolkit. Leticia, a former teacher, is also actively using her social influence to make the world better - be it for Haiti, St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital or Red Nose Day. Game-time is family time at the Barr house and a favorite of Leticia and her tween children is Lego Dimensions and Kinect Sports Rivals.

Beth Blecherman of TechMamas is a digital media expert, having developed a top tech & lifestyle website and contributing to Mashable and LaptopMag.com. She is Chief Community Officer and Product Manager at Savitude.com, a technology startup that enables retailers to give women a personalized shopping experience. Beth also regularly appears on "best of" lists, including Time 140 Best Twitter Feeds, PC Mag Twitter Top 100 & Forbes Top 100 Websites for Women. Author of "My Parent Plan: How to Create a Family Project Plan," Beth curates the best of tech and social media for families. Beth lives in Silicon Valley with her three teen sons, and her favorite game obsessions are coding games because she is in the process of "reinvigorating" her coding skills!

Armin Brott of Parents@Play and known as Mr. Dad, has been hailed by Time Magazine as "the superdad's superdad." Armin is the author of eight bestselling books on fatherhood and has helped millions of men around the world become the fathers they want to be. In addition to Parents@Play, which is syndicated to dozens of newspapers and websites around the country, he hosts Positive Parenting, airing on 200+ stations. Armin is the father of three - the youngest a middle school daughter - and lives in Oakland. Armin's go-to games with his youngest daughter are Trivia Crack or any Xbox game that works up a sweat.

Lori Cunningham of Well Connected Mom endeavors to make technology simple for families. Acclaimed as a "tech guru" by Everyday Parenting radio, Lori believes that technology can help make the family's over-scheduled life easier and regularly reviews gadgets, apps and new tech. As a parent advocate, Lori helps families navigate with their kids the uncharted waters of using phones, tablets, and gaming devices. Lori has been recognized as a "Top Tech Mom" by both Pop Sugar and Skinny Scoop. Los Angeles is home to Lori and her tween son and teen daughter, who enjoy playing Rockband and Just Dance.

Kimberly Kauer of Silicon Valley Mamas is a pioneer in social media, launching her first blog in 2006 after leaving the newsroom where she reported on environmental policy. Living in the heart of Silicon Valley, Kimberly writes about her life as a modern-day mother, who doubles as social media maven and tech ambassador for good - sharing stories of adventure with perfect comedic pitch and delightful follies that often include a digital thread. Kimberly and her family are long-time gaming geeks, who love to play Splatoon and Madden.

Sarah Kimmel of Family Tech Zone has been bringing the newest technology to today's connected family for more than 15 years - covering everything from app obsessions to online meal planning to storage necessities. As a Microsoft Certified IT Manager, Sarah takes complex tech issues and breaks them down into meaningful, easy and fun solutions for parents. Sarah and her family are avid gamers and it's not uncommon to find her and her husband IM'ing each other from different rooms in the house while battling through a new title or challenging her children to some console fun. Sarah's favorite game is Kingdom Hearts.

Anne Livingston of Kids Privacy believes the choices children and teens make online are as important as the choices they make in the real world. At KidsPrivacy, Anne has made it her life's passion to inspire conversations between parents and children about protecting their personal information, managing their digital profiles, achieving digital balance in their lives, building healthy relationships online and staying safe and secure online. Author of "Talking Digital: Tips & Scripts for Parenting in the Digital World," Anne has three children and lives in the Pacific Northwest. She also plays a mean game of Candy Crush.

Kris McDonald of Little Tech Girl is the mother of two sets of twins, who delights in a long-time tech obsession that has made her a leading digital media expert. Hailing from Chicago, Kris covers all manner of tech that touches a family's everyday life from keeping your home and identity safe to new gadgets and apps that save time and money. Having worked in IT for almost 20 years, Kris is also an occasional gamer, who loves to play Little Big Planet 3 with her kids.

Ana Picazo of Bongga Mom is a Harvard educated software project manager, who began her blogging journey in 2006. She dubbed her blog, Bonggamom because she believes all moms can and should aspire to be bongga - a Filipino term meaning glamorous in an ostentatious, outrageous, fabulous, over-the-top way. Ana covers all things that impact today's connected and fabulous family from her hub in Silicon Valley and regularly contributes to Red Tricycle and MommyNearest. Ana is a console girl and loves to play Just Dance and Super Mario Bros on Wii U with her three teens.

Andy Robertson of FamilyGamerTV is considered the go-to expert on games and families. In addition to his YouTube channel FamilyGamerTV, with more than 10M monthly views, he also contributes to Forbes, The Guardian, Pocket-Lint, The Mirror, Stuff.tv. Over the years, he has reviewed hundreds of games and connected toys and created almost 2,000 videos. Andy lives in the UK and has two sons and a daughter, who he enjoys playing games with and is increasingly beaten by.

Joyce Shulman of Macaroni Kid reaches millions of moms each month with hyper-local and national e-newsletters and websites. Joyce calls Macaroni Kid's mission E2: Empowering Moms and Enriching Communities. Having created a one-of-a-kind digital platform, Joyce connects kids and families to the wonders of their own communities. In addition, Joyce is a regular contributor on Huffington Post. Joyce is the mother of a teen son and tween daughter, and calls the Hamptons home. Joyce's favorite gaming indulgent is 1010!.

Jeana Tahnk of TopTechMom is a long-time family-tech writer, reporting for some of the most respected parenting outlets in the nation, including Parenting, Mashable, Huffington Post, and Cool Mom Tech. Jeana is passionate about the intersection of parenting and technology, as well as the future of our young digital citizens. She has become a go-to expert for the latest gadgets, apps, devices, trends and accessories - providing insights on tech products that can help parents in their everyday lives. Jeana calls Boston home with her three young children (and one middle-aged dog) and enjoys placing Just Dance.

Monica Vila of The Online Mom endeavors to create tech savvy communities - empowering families to make good decisions about their use of technology. Whether it's understanding social networking, photo sharing, texting, YouTube or just finding the right video games, Monica created The Online Mom to provide the knowledge, advice and tools to help parents protect their kids and encourage responsible behavior as they make the most of the new digital world. Monica and her family reside in New York, and while they love to play racing games together, she is obsessed with beating her children at Guitar Hero.

Eric Pramono & Camila Amanda of Geeks With Juniors write about parenting in the age of technology - reviewing the best apps for kids, games and workflow recipes. For five years, Eric and Camila have been creating "best of apps" guides for kids of all ages and interests. They are especially drawn to apps that push the boundaries and contribute to a child’s development and education. They do the discovery work for the parents – finding the game gems in a sea of apps. Based in Indonesia, Eric has two young sons and enjoys playing Mario Kart, while Camila enjoys playing Heroes of the Storm.