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Block by Age Rating
Control Spending
Limit Time Spent
  1. Log into your Microsoft Account.
  2. Select “Family” on the top navigation.
  3. Under your child’s profile select “Content Restrictions.”
  4. Select your child’s age under “Allow apps and games rated for.”
  5. Toggle on the option that says, “Block inappropriate apps, games & media.”

Note: For more information about which Rating Categories are allowed for your child, select “View allowed ratings.”

  1. Log into your Microsoft Account.
  2. Select “Family” on the top navigation.
  3. Under your child’s profile select “Spending.”
  4. Toggle on “Needs adult approval to buy things” and “email me when my child gets stuff.”
  5. Click “Add money” to select an amount.
  1. Log into your Microsoft Account.
  2. Select “Family” on the top navigation.
  3. Under your child’s profile select “Screen time.”
  4. Toggle the “Windows 10” slider.
  5. Establish time limits for every day of the week.

How to Set Parental Controls in Windows 10:

Note: Windows 10 requires that children are set up with a Microsoft Account to be added to a Microsoft Family. This is outlined in the steps below.

First, set up a Microsoft Account HERE.

  • This will give you access to the Windows Parental Controls for all Microsoft products.

Add a child to your family Microsoft account

  1. Sign in at account.microsoft.com/family.
  2. Sign in with your Microsoft account, then select “Add a family member”.
  3. Select “Child” or “Adult”.
  4. Type an email address or mobile phone number for the person you want to add and select “Send invite”. If your child doesn’t have an email account or mobile number, select “Create a new one for them” and follow the steps on screen.
  5. Have the person you’ve invited accept your invitation from their email or text message, or go to account.microsoft.com/family and select “Accept now” next to their email address. You can find it in the “Notifications section” at the top of the page under “Pending member”.
  6. If you selected “Accept now”, sign out so the person you’re trying to add can sign in and join the family. Then, sign back in and finish setting things up.


Is your child too young to remember a typed password? You might want to set up a picture password for them, so they can sign in using a favorite photo instead.

After your child is added to your family you will have a number of options for parental controls you can access by signing into your Microsoft account and following the links beneath your child’s name, including:

  • “Activity” lets parents look at what their child has been doing on their devices, including snapshots of their searches, browsing history, the apps and games they’ve been playing and how much time they’ve spent in front of the screen.
  • “Screen time” allows parents to manage how much time their child can spend on the computer every day.
  • “Content restrictions” provides parents with several methods of managing their child’s access to content. Parents can require permission before making a purchase on the Microsoft Store or manage access to potentially inappropriate apps, games and other forms of media based on the age rating of the product and the age of the child.
  • “Spending” allows parents to review past purchases and add money to a child’s Microsoft account, giving them the freedom to make responsible purchasing decisions within boundaries. Note that even with money in their Microsoft account, children will be barred from purchasing content rated above their age level.

NOTE: Account holders will always receive and email notification when a purchase is made from the Microsoft Store.

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