Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves Collection

Sony Interactive Entertainment
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Windows PC, PlayStation 5
Blood, Language, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence
No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is a collection of two action-adventure games in the Uncharted franchise. Players assume the roles of Nathan Drake and Chloe Frazier, explorers searching for valuable artifacts while fending off villainous rivals. From a third-person perspective, players explore ruins, collect treasure, and battle enemy soldiers and other human characters. Characters use pistols, machine guns, shotguns, grenades, and blades to attack each other; combat is highlighted by realistic gunfire, large explosions, and blood-splatter effects. Some areas allow players to use stealth takedowns and/or melee attacks (e.g., neck snapping, fist fighting, sword fighting) to incapacitate enemies. A handful of sequences depict characters getting stabbed or beaten with clubs; some scenes depict corpses or wounded characters with bloodstained skin/clothes. During the course of the game, characters can be seen smoking cigarettes or cigars; a handful of scenes depict characters drinking bottles of beer or glasses of scotch. The words “sh*t” and “a*shole” appear in the dialogue.