Metal Gear Solid

Konami Digital Entertainment
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Windows PC
Blood and Gore
Suggestive Themes
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is an action game in which players assume the role of Solid Snake as he engages in a counter terrorist mission on a remote base. From a mostly overhead perspective, players infiltrate the base to collect resources, rescue hostages, and obtain weapons. As players progress, they can eventually use pistols, machine guns, and rocket launchers to kill guards and enemy bosses. Firefights are highlighted by realistic gunfire, cries of pain, and blood-splatter effects. Players can also employ close-quarter combat techniques to incapacitate guards, eliminating them discreetly. Cutscenes contain additional acts of violence: a man's hand sliced off; a character electrocuted repeatedly during an interrogation; a character's arm getting dismembered; a man crushed by a giant tank, resulting in a large blood pool. The game contains some suggestive material and dialogue: female characters with deep cleavage; camera angles that focus on a woman's buttocks; lines such as ““You've got a great butt”; "...[W]omen have more hiding places than men”; and “Hurry…hurry! Make love to me!"