Destroy All Humans!

THQ Nordic GmbH
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Animated Blood
Crude Humor
Drug Reference
Sexual Themes
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is an action game, set in 1950s America, in which players assume the role of an alien (Cryto-137) searching for his missing predecessor. As players explore open-world environments, they use various weapons (e.g., Disintegrator Ray, Ion Detonator, Zap-o-Matic) to kill human civilians and military forces. Players also use psychokinetic abilities to fling objects around, and an anal probe to harvest human brains—splashes of green blood appear as brains are harvested. Combat is frenetic, accompanied by realistic gunfire, large explosions, and screams of pain. Civilians' thoughts can sometimes be heard, with references to suggestive material (e.g., “I've got what every woman wants, a 12-inch slide ruler and a 166 IQ”; “My mind says Marilyn, but my nightstick says Betty Page.”). In one sequence, a parked car is seen bouncing up and down, with hand-/footprints on steamed-up windows. References to drugs may appear in the dialogue (e.g., “Oh God. I need another Valium. Or two. No, make that three”; “I don't know what that fine weed growing out in the cabbage patch is, but it sure looks like it would go great in my pipe.”). Characters are sometimes seen stepping in piles of manure; cows are depicted defecating on the ground. The words “a*shole” and “p*ssies” are heard in dialogue.