Arcade Spirits

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PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Drug Reference, Mild Language, Mild Violence, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol
No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is a visual novel in which players assume the role of a character building relationships while working at an arcade. Players can make choices that impact the arcade and the character's future. Some female characters wear low-cut tops or bathing suits that reveal deep cleavage. Players can develop romantic relationships with other characters, enabling them to go out on dates (i.e., spending time at a bar, a jazz club, the beach). The dialogue/text also includes some suggestive material (e.g., "He died doing what he loved: having intensely physical relations with me”; “Our kisses are a mix of delicate touches and forceful caresses”; “PizzaYum's Friday Night Fisting!”). The game contains several references to alcohol (e.g., whiskey, wine, bourbon), and a handful of sequences involve drinking at bars (e.g., “I take a sip of the cocktail, it's tasty, not what I expected…”). Dialogue occasionally references drugs (e.g., “I don't do illegal drugs”; “We don't sell drugs or weapons”; “The rest of the business, I hated it all…the backstabbing, the drugs…”). One scene allows players to jump in front of a bullet in order to save another person during a brawl. The words “a*s” and “do*uchebag” appear in dialogue.

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