Railway Empire - Switch Edition

Kalypso Media USA Inc.
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Nintendo Switch
Alcohol Reference, Mild Language, Use of Tobacco, Violent References
  • In-Game Purchases (Switch)
Rating Summary
This is a strategy/simulation game in which players run a railroad empire. Players build stations, create routes, and manage various aspects of the business (e.g., buildings, workforce) to earn income and keep ahead of the competition. In some cities, players can build a brewery, which is accompanied by a symbol of a frothy beer mug; references to alcohol also appear in text (e.g., “The trailblazing record was then toasted with beer and whiskey.”). The game also depicts a handful of characters smoking cigars and cigarettes. Along the way, players can use a menu system to hire bandits and spies to sabotage and/or rob passengers of rival companies. The word “damn” appears in the dialogue.