Valkyria Chronicles 4

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Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Blood, Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol and Tobacco, Violence
No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is a strategy role-playing game in which players control a squad of soldiers in a fictional World War II-inspired conflict. Battles are mostly depicted from a third-person perspective as characters perform various actions such as claiming strategic positions, moving tanks, and firing weapons (e.g., machine guns, sniper rifles, flamethrowers). Cutscenes sometimes depict characters getting shot and killed; these sequences are highlighted by cries of pain and realistic gunfire. Some scenes depict soldiers with bloodied bandages/wounds, as well as brief splashes of blood when injured. The game contains some suggestive material: a man grabbing a woman's buttocks; a character staring at a female, saying, “Check out the a*s on that one! I'd swab her deck”; dialogue such as “Who else would try to sneak into a strip club at ten years old?” During the course of the game, characters often discuss alcohol, and one character is shown drunk (e.g., “And I'm sssuper sober, so don't worry it's fiiine… hic!”); another character is seen holding a cigarette and asking for a light. The words “sh*t” and “a*shole” appear in dialogue.