Dragon's Crown Pro

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PlayStation 4
Blood and Gore
Partial Nudity
Suggestive Themes
Use of Alcohol and Tobacco
  • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB (PlayStation 4)
Rating Summary
In this action role-playing game, players assume the role of adventurers that embark on quests through the fantasy kingdom of Hydeland. As players traverse side-scrolling levels, they use swords, axes, and magic spells to defeat enemy soldiers and fantasy creatures (e.g., giant insects, demons, trolls) in melee-style combat. Battles are highlighted by cries of pain, sword-slashing effects, and mild explosions. Some still-image cutscenes depict blood and gore: a severed creature's head dripping with black blood; a ghostly knight impaled by a bloody sword. During the course of the game, some female characters are depicted in low-cut outfits and bikini-style costumes; their breasts sometimes jiggle in an exaggerated manner while fighting. An image gallery (still-screen drawings) depicts several suggestive images of female characters and creatures, some with exposed buttocks/breasts (e.g., floating succubi with exposed buttocks; a harpy holding a knight into her chest; a female character's nude body partially obscured by glass). The game includes depictions of fantasy characters drinking ale at taverns and smoking pipes for extended periods.