Demon Gaze II

NIS America, Inc.
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PlayStation 4
Blood, Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Partial Nudity, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol
No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is a role-playing game in which players help members of a resistance group overthrow a demonic tyrant. As players explore maze-like dungeons, they interact with characters and engage in turn-based combat against fantastical creatures (e.g., dragons, spirits, demons). Players select various attacks and magic spells from a menu-screen to inflict damage and kill enemy creatures; slashing/impact sounds, bursts of light, and cries of pain accompany the combat. Some still-image sequences depict blood stains on walls, floors, and characters' clothing. The game contains some suggestive material in the dialogue (e.g., “How dare you take me lightly because of my small breasts” and “Hey, Bro...did you just...grab my...boobs...”). Some still images depict topless female characters with strands of hair barely covering their breasts; female monsters are occasionally shown with exposed buttocks. During the course of the game, players can encounter drunken characters with slurred speech and dialogue (e.g., “This one reeks of alcohol,” “Just in time to fill my cup,” and “Aquarius is already inside and enjoying copious amounts of alcohol.”). The words “bastard” and “a*s” appear in dialogue.