WWE 2K17

2K Games
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PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Suggestive Themes
  • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB (Xbox 360, PlayStation 3)
Rating Summary
This is a wrestling simulation game in which players select real-world competitors from the WWE roster, compete in matches, and progress through multiple storylines. Players can perform a variety of wrestling moves (e.g., throws, holds, grapples) as well as punch and kick opponents. Some matches allow players to use tables, chairs, sledgehammers, and trash cans to strike opponents. Blood sometimes appears on wrestlers' bodies after being struck repeatedly by objects. Some female wrestlers wear revealing outfits that expose large amounts of cleavage; others are depicted with exaggerated-size breasts. Some wrestlers also make provocative gestures/taunting moves (e.g., pelvic thrusts, crotch chop). One taunting move depicts a wrestler “flipping the bird”/holding up their middle fingers; the words “a*s” and “bastard” also appear in the dialogue.