MeiQ: Labyrinth of Death

Idea Factory International
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Windows PC, PS Vita
Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes
No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is a role-playing game in which players help young mages on a quest to save a planet from eternal night. Players explore labyrinths and engage in turn-based combat against fantasy creatures (e.g., slime, gargoyles, giant squid). Players use mechanized guardians that perform a variety of weapon attacks and magic spells (e.g., magma hands, missile barrages, fire balls) to defeat enemies; battles are accompanied by colorful light effects, impact sounds, and cries of pain. The game includes some suggestive material: female characters wearing outfits that reveal large amounts of cleavage; depictions of jiggling breasts (clothed); suggestive innuendo in text/dialogue (e.g., “So flat, super flat” and "Did I get a little…bigger?” ); a character's special attack called “breast beam.”