The Sims™ 4

Electronic Arts
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Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Crude Humor, Sexual Themes, Violence
  • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB
Rating Summary
This is a “sandbox” simulation game in which players create, customize, and control characters called “Sims” through their daily activities. Players are free to pursue a variety of daily goals as they observe and attempt to influence other Sims in town. Players can socially interact with Sims to build relationships, and are free to pursue more intimate encounters, such as the ability to kiss, hug, or engage in “Try for Baby” and “Mess Around” (i.e., sex) with another Sim: this action depicts the Sims squirming, giggling, and moaning under the covers until hearts float around the bed. Sims maintain their health and hygiene through eating, exercising, bathing, and using the toilet. They sometimes vomit or urinate on themselves if their hygiene is not properly managed. Some interactions lead to fighting, which is depicted by sounds of struggle and partially obscured “fight-cloud” effects; other animations include Sims getting electrocuted by household appliances, being eaten by a giant carnivorous plant, or dying in fires—a Grim Reaper arrives, turning dead Sims into urns.

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