ef - a fairy tale of the two

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Windows PC
Sexual Violence
Strong Language
Strong Sexual Content
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is a visual novel/adventure game in which players follow the story of a young couple discussing the events of their lives. Players follow along with the story and make decisions at key points in order to further the plot. The game includes several scenes dealing with sexuality and sexual assault: one still-frame scene depicts a male character forcibly kissing a woman and touching her genitals (e.g., dialogue includes her saying “no” and telling him that his actions are hurting her); dialogue also goes into detail about instances of sexual assault (e.g., “She struggled to get away. I wouldn't let her. My shoulder and free hand holding her down wouldn't permit it”; “That night, I was raped many, many times . . . Blood and semen mingled down there.”). Animated still-frame images sometimes depict sexual activity: acts of fellatio, with male genitals partially obscured; sexual intercourse with exposed breasts and genitalia partially obscured. Several scenes include prolonged audio of sexual moaning. A handful of scenes depict characters with blood stains on their hands, underwear, and genitals. The word “f**k appears in dialogue.