Dance Central 3

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Xbox 360
Lyrics, Mild Suggestive Themes
  • Music Downloads and/or Streams Not Rated by the ESRB (Xbox 360)
Rating Summary
This is a rhythm-and-dance simulation game in which players perform dance steps by following the movements of on-screen characters. Players score points by accurately moving their bodies in time with the music and scrolling flashcards. A few album covers depict artists in suggestive poses, and some female dancers' breasts jiggle while dancing. Some song lyrics contain sexual material (e.g., “Sex so good, I can freak you in my sleep,” “Honey got some boobies,” “When I touch your body I feel I'm losing control,” “I'm into having sex/I ain't into making love”). Other songs reference drugs and alcohol (e.g., “Got a hangover like too much vodka,” “They passed me up, confronted all the dope fiends.”)