The Last Story

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Mild Suggestive Themes
Use of Alcohol
  • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB (Wii)
Rating Summary
In this action role-playing game, players follow the story of a band of mercenaries attempting to achieve knighthood on an island kingdom. From a third-person perspective, players use swords, daggers, crossbows, and magic attacks to kill human soldiers and fantasy creatures (e.g., skeletons, ogres, “forest beasts”) in frenetic combat. Action sequences are accompanied by sword-slashing effects and colorful light bursts; damage is indicated by cries of pain and lost hit points. Various cutscenes depict additional acts of violence: soldiers attacking unharmed civilians; a warrior getting shot by an arrow in slow motion. Some of the dialogue includes suggestive remarks/innuendo (e.g., “You're a guy, right? I know how it is. You have certain . . . needs from time to time!” and “You're more well-endowed than I thought . . . C'mon, let me touch 'em . . .”). Alcohol is mentioned occasionally in dialogue, and one tavern area depicts a drunken character with slurred speech (e.g., “What, you think I'm drunk? Look, I'm as sober as . . . whatever's normally sober,” “Booze always tastes better when you can't taste it anymore.”). The word “ar*ehole” and “bastard” can be heard in dialogue.