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Xbox 360
Crude Humor
Mild Cartoon Violence
  • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB (Xbox 360)
Rating Summary

This is an action-adventure game with puzzle elements. Players control cartoonlike characters called Raskulls that protect precious gemstones from being stolen by adversaries (Pirats). Players jump, swim, and zoom through platform levels and collapsible blocks to reach a goal. In one cutscene, two Pirat characters use clubs to beat up a stubby Knight character. The game contains some mild innuendo and crude humor: Text includes a "That's-what-she-said" joke and the phrase "No one makes fun of my nuts!"; there are a handful of taunting animations (e.g., a character that slaps her posterior and a character that bends down and farts); and one cutscene depicts two rat-like characters with pixilation blurring their crotches—a third figure snaps a quick photo of the pantless characters.