Red Steel 2

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Animated Blood
Mild Language
Mild Suggestive Themes
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary

In this first-person sword-fighting game, players control a banished hero, a seasoned cowboy-samurai who returns to his town taken over by villains. Players must rid the town of thugs, scavengers, and flying robots while discovering the fate of the Kusagari clan. Players kill enemies by shooting them with a pistol or shotgun, and by slashing or stabbing them with a katana blade. While there is no blood and gore in the game (enemies stagger back instead of gushing apart), the frenetic sword slashing sometimes results in yellow-and-beige splash effects that flit across the screen. Another brief splash is depicted when the katana is pulled out of an enemy's chest. During the course of the game, a female character with exaggerated-size breasts wears a low-cut shirt that exposes deep cleavage; the character's breasts jiggle slightly during cutscenes (there are no comparable physics applied to male characters). The expletives "bada*s," "punk-a*s," and "dammit" can be heard in the dialogue. Overall, the game's highly stylized cell-shaded graphics blunt the sense of realism, increasing the fantastical nature of battle sequences; in some ways, the graphic-novel art style (skinned with hand-drawn-like textures) lessens the impact of the violence—though the game is still considered a high-end Teen.