Resonance of Fate

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PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Mild Language
Sexual Themes
Use of Alcohol
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary

In this role-playing game, set in the post-apocalyptic future, humankind survives inside the ruins of a massive clock tower. Players are mercenaries who live within this tower (of Basel) and take on jobs, missions, and menial tasks requested from on above, from the Cardinal ruling class. Several missions involve using firearms (pistols, machine guns, etc.) and explosives to kill an assortment of humans, robots, monsters, and wild dogs—usually in the service of obtaining pieces of Quartz. Combat is somewhat fantastical as players can kick grenades like a soccer ball, leap twenty feet in the air, and discharge bullets amid a cascade of lights, floating hit points, and swerving camera angles (blood is rarely depicted during battle). During the course of the game, characters sometimes drink their shots of whiskey, request their bottles of wine.

[The following provides more in-depth details, relevant factors and reasons for the rating assignment]

Some of the stronger depictions of violence—and blood—occur during cinematic cutscenes: two men walk past a reflective puddle of blood; a villain in a gun standoff shoots an unarmed adversary in the chest as a thin wisp of blood trails; a character puts a gun into an enemy's mouth and discharges two rounds—the camera pans away as the shots are fired. The camera does not pan away from a woman's breasts (fully covered) that jiggle vigorously during a dinner cutscene: the sequence focuses equal attention on one man's humorous reaction to the pleasure moans, to the elaborate breast physics. Sexual Themes is one way to describe the mercenary's fever-pitch fixation on body parts that move; "bunker busters" is another (so named by the man).