Disney Alice in Wonderland

Disney Interactive Studios
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Windows PC, Wii
Fantasy Violence
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary

In this action-adventure game, players return to Underland for the second time after the events of the original Alice in Wonderland. Players take control of a supporting cast of characters in order to guide and protect Alice as she journeys through Underland on a quest to fulfill her destiny: defeating the fearsome Jabberwocky and overthrowing the despotic Red Queen. Players converse with and assist characters, work together to solve myriad puzzles, and engage in "melee-style" combat. The roster of fantastical enemies to battle includes the Red Queen's henchmen (i.e. Card Guards), plant enemies, giant bees and mosquitoes, and boss characters (e.g., Jabberwocky and Bandersnatch). Combat against the Card Guards can be frenetic at times: Weapons include swords, lances, and clubs; sound effects include metallic sword-clashing, bashing and punching, grunts, shrieks, and other cries of pain. When Guards are defeated, they burst apart into smaller cards and disappear. In addition to the hand-to-hand combat, players can use special powers to defeat enemies: reversing or slowing down time, moving objects through telekinesis, making objects invisible—all of which add to the fantastical, surrealistic tone of the game.