Rabbids Go Home

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Cartoon Violence
Crude Humor
Mild Language
Mild Suggestive Themes
Tobacco Reference
  • Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB (Wii)
Rating Summary

Mischievous rabbit-like creatures ("rabbids") travel through slimy sewer pipes, flush objects down toilets, and shake, smack, and prank any number of characters in this action adventure game. The setting is mainly in "cartoony" human environments, including city streets, hospitals, factories, an airport, and a supermarket. Players can ride in shopping carts and knock into objects and people for points amid screams of "Ahhhh!" and "Ow, my sciatica!" They can also steal a sick man's "bubble gurney," use it as a balloon to travel from building-to-building, and watch as the patient coughs/farts to keep the vehicle afloat. Rabbids continue their antics by screaming at humans, which causes their clothes to pop off (down to their underwear); when Rabbids throw water jugs at humans, again, their clothes will pop off; and when Rabbids are featured in cutscenes, they sometimes stare at the shimmering moon or themselves while wearing lacy sheer thongs. The dialogue also references the clothed and not so clothed (e.g., "Oh my undies! My undies!" and "Wow, I'm in my birthday suit!"), and bathroom humor is not an uncommon occurrence (e.g., "Stop it! I'm NOT constipated!" and "Even an enema is a walk in the park with you . . ."). Players may also hear the term "p*ssed off" or eavesdrop on announcements intended to poke fun at tobacco regulation (e.g., "Attention all airport personnel: cigarette breaks are no longer authorized due to potential oxidation of aircraft waterproof joints."). In summary, this game contains frequent instances of crude humor and innuendo, but the highly stylized, cartoon-like depictions (rabbits, after all) make the over-the-top irreverence palatable at the E-10+ rating category.