Statement By ESRB President Patricia Vance regarding announcement by Senator Hillary Clinton

July 14, 2005

(July 14th, 2005) (NEW YORK)

“The Entertainment Software Rating Board is currently in the process of conducting a thorough and judicious investigation with regard to this issue (undisclosed content in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas). We urge all parties not to rush to judgment until all of the relevant facts, some of which are highly technical and complicated, have been established.

“We are committed to ensuring the integrity of the ESRB rating process and making certain that the ratings are reliable and accurately representative of game content. Any second-guessing at this point would be premature and inappropriate as this investigation continues.

“It is important to emphasize that the current rating of the game makes it abundantly clear that it is not appropriate for persons under 17 and carries five content descriptors including Strong Sexual Content.

“Like Senator Clinton, the ESRB is acting in the interests of protecting children and making sure their parents have dependable information on which to rely when making video game purchase decisions. This is our primary mission and no one takes it more seriously than we do.”