ESRB Retail Council Maintains High Store Policy Enforcement

Written by Max Jay
June 17, 2019

ESRB works hard to make sure kids don’t accidentally end up with a game they’re not ready for. We collaborate with some of the largest video game retailers in the U.S. to help parents stay prepared. This group of retailers, called the ESRB Retail Council (ERC), ensures that kids under the age of 17 don’t purchase M-rated games without permission from a parent.

ERC members (Amazon, Best Buy, GameStop, Target, and Walmart) voluntarily commit to comply with the Ratings Education and Enforcement Code to help give parents the information they need to make decisions about which video games are appropriate for their family. ESRB conducts mystery shopper audits twice a year to ensure that our collective efforts are effective.

Results from the 2019 spring audit shows that store policy enforcement remains at a high level. The audit found that store policies were enforced 88% of the time. Meanwhile, 84% of the audited stores post signs explaining the ESRB rating system.

Additionally, ERC members agree to participate in two online audits per year, which measure the accuracy of ESRB rating information displayed on retail websites. The spring 2019 online audit revealed that ERC member websites provide accurate rating information 90% of the time.

Whether you’re shopping at your favorite video game retailer or online, ESRB continues to work with our partners to provide the information you need to make appropriate video game decisions for your children.

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