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Nintendo 3DS

  1. In the Nintendo 3DS menu, cycle through the "System Settings" icon using the D-Pad, circle analog pad or your finger and tap it or press the "A" button. Then tap "Parental Controls."

  2. Review the screens which explain the Nintendo 3DS parental control features. Choose a PIN, and then re-enter this PIN.

  3. Nintendo 3DSNext, select a question and answer to recover your PIN should you forget it when accessing parental controls in the future.

  4. Tap "Set Restrictions" to access parental controls, then tap "Software Rating."

  5. You may choose "Do Not Restrict" to allow all video games to be played. Or, tap the arrow on the right of the screen to select the highest ESRB rating allowed. Tap "OK" to accept, or "Cancel" to change the rating restriction setting.

  6. You will now have the option to restrict the following features:

    • "Internet Browser" - Allows users to browse the Internet

    • "Nintendo 3DS Shopping Services" - Allows users to purchase items through the Nintendo 3DS virtual storefront

    • "Display of 3D Images" - Allows users to view 3D images on the screen display. (Nintendo recommends restricting 3D gameplay for users under age six.)

    • "Sharing Images/Audio/Video" - Allows sharing files with other users which may contain private information (excluding original Nintendo DS software)

    • "Online Interaction" - Allows exchanging data between users that may contain personal information, and the ability to play online-enabled games (excluding original Nintendo DS software)

    • "Street Pass" - Allows exchanging data between users of Street Pass that might include photos or other personal information (Nintendo 3DS software only)

    • "Friend Registration" - Allows users to register new friends

    • "DS Download Play" - Allows users to connect with nearby systems to download demos and play wireless multiplayer titles

  7. When you have finished adjusting the settings, tap "Done" to save.

Nintendo DSi

  1. In the Nintendo DSi Menu, which appears after you tap the health and safety warning, tap "System Settings." Then cycle through using the Nintendo DSi "D-Pad" on the left or by using your finger or a stylus to select "Parental Controls."

  2. Following a few screens that explain the Nintendo DSi parental control features, you will be asked to choose and then re-enter a PIN number.

  3. Nintendo DSiYou will be prompted to select a secret question to be asked in case you forget your PIN number. A pop-up will then ask that you provide an answer to the question you selected.

  4. You can then choose to "Allow all content" or, as before, scroll through the rating icons to select the highest ESRB rating that you deem suitable for your child.

  5. You will then be given the option to restrict the following features:

    • "PictoChat" the local area wireless (not internet) Nintendo DSi instant messaging application

    • "DS Download Play," Nintendo DSi local multiplayer wireless and downloadable demo function

    • "Nintendo DSi Browser," which allows users to browse the Internet

    • The use of "Nintendo DSi Points" in the "Nintendo DSi Shop." Nintendo DSi Points are purchased with real money for items in the Nintendo DSi Shop, which is an online store

    • The wireless exchange of photo data

    • Access to certain user-created content. User-generated content is not rated by ESRB

  6. Complete the parental control set-up process by selecting "yes" to save your preferences.