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ESRB Rating Summaries

Rating Summaries are a supplementary source of information that go beyond ESRB ratings to give parents a detailed yet brief and straightforward description of exactly the kind of content they would want to know about when choosing a game for their child. Most physical (boxed) video games have a Rating Summary, which can help explain why a game received the rating it was assigned. Although they don't appear on video game packages like the ratings do, Rating Summaries can be accessed via the following:

ESRB rating summaries on www.esrb.org

ESRB Website

Search by game title using the rating search on this page or on our homepage. Each game with a Rating Summary will appear with a few lines of text displayed underneath. Click these entries to access their Rating Summaries.

ESRB Rating Search App

ESRB Rating Search App

For mobile access to Rating Summaries when you're out shopping for video games, download our free app for iPhone®, Android and Windows® Phone.