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Unstoppable Gorg

iOS, Macintosh, Windows PC
Fantasy Violence, Mild Suggestive Themes
This is a tower defense/strategy game in which players protect space outposts and planets from waves of alien invaders. From a top-down perspective, players deploy armed satellites (e.g., canons, lasers, missiles) on rotatable orbits to defend a central base. The somewhat frenetic action is accompanied by laser effects and colorful explosions. Some cutscenes (depicted in campy, 1950s–style videos) include other explosions and news reports that describe alien attacks. In a few of these brief scenes, a reclining female character in a revealing outfit makes suggestive gestures and remarks (e.g., “I could make you happier than you could ever imagine,” “[W]hy do you resist me?” and “Won't you let me thank you? . . . Let me take care of you.”).