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Napoleon: Total War

Windows PC
Alcohol Reference, Language, Mild Blood, Sexual Themes, Violence
Other: Online Interactions Not Rated by the ESRB (PC)

Players can control armies of Napoleon-era nations in campaigns through Egypt, Italy, the rest of Europe in this real-time strategy game (a "stand-alone expansion" for Empire: Total War). Players maneuver armies, ships, and other units around a map of 18th-century Europe, attempting to conquer regions, to complete various objectives. Combat is turn-based, as players choose when and where to engage in battle, then watch as soldiers inflict damage on each other: gunfire, sword fighting, bayonet slashing/impaling, and artillery fire are all depicted on the battlefield; explosions, battle cries, and frequent sword clashing are heard during battle. Brief cutscenes depict pistol or sword duels between figures, as well as an execution by guillotine—a small splash of dark blood appears on the bottom of the screen after the blade falls. During the course of the game, the word sh*t will appear in text three times.

[*The following provides more in-depth details, relevant factors and reasons for the rating assignment*]

Within the context of describing historical figures and narrating Napoleon's conquests, the game includes several references to alcohol and sexual behavior; for example, "This man's appetite for wine, women and song know few bounds," "If a man wakes up with a hangover and the memory of a warm woman, it may ease the shock of joining the army," and "Sodomy: never, Sir, and damn your eyes!" Other text-based references include "Pickled in Rum," "Gin-soaked Reprobate," and "I am drunk." The game contains several references to "whores" and "harlots," and includes a soldier's remark about "a man who knows how to shoot his load" on the battlefield.