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Zeno Clash

Windows PC
Blood and Gore, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence

In this action-fighting game, players assume the role of Ghat, a banished man on a journey through a forbidden desert, a stylized punk-fantasy universe. From a first-person perspective, players engage in hand-to-hand combat with the human, the partly-human, and creatures that roar. Players can use blunt weapons (e.g., a sledgehammer) or projectile weapons made from junk (e.g., make-shift stone rifles, reptilian-like pistols) to attack the hostile enemies. Punching sounds, loud thuds, and cries of pain accompany the melee-style combat; small wisps of blood sometimes emit from injured characters. Blood-like splotches are also present in one sizeable patch of forest—though the stains are not accompanied by corpses or context (i.e., they are somewhat disassociated). During a training portion of the game, a small bird (rooster-like) is used for target practice; the trainer grabs the bird and decapitates it (mostly obscured by players' weapon), then throws it to be shot at—spurts of blood can be seen. Some characters are depicted in a suggestive manner: a reptilian female with four breasts exposes deep cleavage; a humanoid with black squares running across her chest is strewn on the ground; and a hermaphrodite character nurses an eager baby by squeezing a breast-shaped pouch.