Poison Control

NIS America, Inc.
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PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch
Blood and Gore
Fantasy Violence
Suggestive Themes
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is an action game in which players try to escape Hell with the help of a girl (Poisonette) who possess strange powers. From a third-person perspective, players explore various realms, cleanse a poisonous substance (mire) from the ground, and battle monsters known as Kleshas. Players use blaster-like guns to shoot enemies, with damage indicated by dwindling health meters/hit points. During some levels, the poisonous mire appears as large pools of pinkish blood. One still image depicts a character covered in the cartoonish pink blood, with severed limbs strewn about her. The game contains some suggestive material: characters depicted with jiggling breasts; characters in revealing outfits (i.e., deep cleavage); dialogue pertaining to breasts and crushes on teachers (e.g., “Wait…What's with this humongous rack? Was I always this stacked"; “By 'deeper connections,' they're not talking about covalent bonds, huh? It's...hanky panky...”). The word “sh*t” appears in the dialogue.