Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order

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Nintendo Switch
Mild Blood, Mild Suggestive Themes, Violence
  • Users Interact (Switch)
  • In-Game Purchases (Switch)
Rating Summary
This is an action game, based on characters from the Marvel Comics universe, in which players form combat parties to battle enemies and boss characters in a quest for Infinity Stones. From a pulled back third-person perspective, players punch, kick, and throw enemies in frenetic combat; several characters use guns/blasters, swords, arrows, and magic attacks (e.g., blasts of energy, fireballs) to defeat enemies. One sequence allows players to throw oversized missiles at characters, and a boss battle requires players to use laser turrets to shoot a giant robot. One character is briefly depicted with blood splattered on his apron; a battlefield contains a large occult symbol that appears to be painted in blood. Some gallery images depict characters in revealing and/or form-fitting costumes (e.g., buttocks, chest).