Penny-Punching Princess

NIS America, Inc.
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PS Vita, Nintendo Switch
Drug Reference
Fantasy Violence
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is an arcade-style action game in which players battle a corrupt family ruling a fantasy kingdom. From a ¾-overhead perspective, players control a princess and her friends as they hack and slash at fantastical creatures (e.g., skeletons, monsters, dragons). Characters mostly use swords, claws/hands, or blasts of fire/energy to defeat enemies. Enemies generally disappear into piles of coins. The game includes brief drug allusions and/or innuendo in the dialogue: mushroom enemies that state, "Ah may be high, but ah'll take ya on!" and "Ah've taken a bunch o' performance enhancers!"; bees that state, "Jus' take one hit! Ya'll feel great!" and "Ah'm gonn fly high as a kite!" The word “sh*t” appears in dialogue.