Rare Replay

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Xbox One
Mature Humor
Use of Alcohol and Tobacco
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is a compilation of fighting, adventure, racing, and platformer games. Some side-scrolling games allow players to punch, kick, and use various weapons (e.g., swords, drills, and mallets) to defeat enemy creatures and villains; blood-like splashes appear as enemies are injured. In one third-person shooter, players use pistols and machine guns to kill “cartoony” enemy bears. Some sequences in the third-person shooter depict characters getting shot and dismembered; large blood-splatter effects occur, and blood frequently stains the ground. One game contains instances of mature humor/sexual material: a “cartoony” pile of singing feces; sexual moaning sounds; allusions to fellatio/sex between a male and female cog (e.g., “Oh no! Not Mr. Big Cog! That's me buggered!”). During the course of the game, some characters are depicted drinking beer, which triggers a screen-blurring effect; one character smokes a cigar for a prolonged period. The words “sh*t,” “tw*t,” and “as*hole” are heard in the game.