The Walking Dead: The Complete First Season

Telltale Games
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PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Blood and Gore
Drug Reference
Intense Violence
Sexual Themes
Strong Language
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is an adventure game based on the Walking Dead TV and comic-book franchise. Players assume the role of Lee Everett and a handful of survivors amid a zombie outbreak. As players progress through the story, they are presented with dialogue and action choices. These selections can sometimes lead to the death of characters and depictions of intense violence: a woman shooting herself in the head; characters shooting limbs off; a man cutting off his own arm; zombies attacking and disemboweling victims. In some sequences, players use realistic firearms to kill zombies and other human survivors. Large blood-splatter effects occur in battle and often stain the ground. The game contains some sexual material in the dialogue (e.g., “Might as well leave a sign out that reads, 'The men are out, come rape our women and children'”); in one sequence, a video depicts a man zipping up his pants and a woman buttoning up her blouse (a sexual arrangement implied). Drugs are also referenced within the dialogue (e.g., “Remember when TJ got high…?” and “But is there any weed?”). The words “f**k,” “sh*t,” and “a*shole” can be heard in dialogue.