The Pinball Arcade

Alliance Digital Media
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PlayStation 4
Alcohol Reference
Fantasy Violence
Mild Blood
Mild Language
Suggestive Themes
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary
This is a collection of arcade-style pinball games in which players control bumpers, hit targets, and guide balls through various triggering switches. Several games contain somewhat violent themes (e.g., a Wild West gunslinger game), and dot-matrix screens occasionally depict brief instances of violence (e.g., a pistol duel, pedestrians run over by a motorcycle, a fistfight). One pinball machine contains an image of an altar with streaks of blood. Some pinball machines contain suggestive imagery/text: women wearing low-cut tops; a silhouette of a woman showering; a couple kissing in a drive-in theater as a voice-over exclaims, “Hey, watch those hands, buster!” A handful of games contain alcohol references (e.g., frothy mugs of beer, a character named Duke of Bourbon). The word “b*tchin'” can be heard occasionally.