Space Channel 5 Part 2

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Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Mild Fantasy Violence, Suggestive Themes
No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary

This is a musical/dance rhythm game in which players assume the role of Ulala, an intergalactic reporter who must rescue hostages from dancing aliens. As players match on-screen patterns to perform dance moves, they defend hostages by using small ray guns; enemies disappear in bursts of light when shot. During some sequences, female dancers gyrate their hips or bend over—the camera sometimes pans in to expose characters' undergarments. Players can also choose from a variety of outfits during the game, including "Hard Core Sexy Suit" that includes the following description: "a risqué suit if we've ever seen one. You may as well be a pin up!" In one boss battle, Ulala is seized by a large tentacle monster, which jabs at her midsection/waist repeatedly while she cries out in protest (e.g., "Ooh, not there!" and "Things are getting quite tingly in here!").