Patchwork Heroes

Sony Computer Entertainment America
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PS Vita, PSP
Mild Cartoon Violence
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary

This is a 2D action-puzzle game in which players lead whimsical airborne engineers in "battle" against flying warships bent on defeating a small town. Players control these tiny squad members who use hammers and saws to dismantle the hulking machines in the sky. If players fail to dismantle warships in time, a cutscene will depict the town getting bombed by the enemy. And if squad members get hit by robots, lasers, or missiles, they will blink and be defeated, as the word DEAD appears on the screen. The "fallen comrades" appear as R.I.P. tombstones in a graveyard that players can visit between levels; players may pay homage to their deceased friends by kneeling at their graves, placing down mementos, and saluting the ghost above the tombstone.