Crimson Room: Reverse

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Drug Reference
Violent References
  • No Interactive Elements
Rating Summary

In this puzzle-adventure game, players wake up in a mysterious room and must find a way to escape by interacting with objects (i.e., clicking on them) and searching for clues. Among the many ordinary objects (e.g., keys, CD players, a refrigerator) in the room, there is a diary written by a despondent, love-struck person. The later entries describe the character's use of sleeping pills after getting "dumped" by a girlfriend/love-interest (e.g., "I'm nothing without her," "Have I taken too many sleeping pills?," and "If I die, would someone find me, and pray for me? I don't care about anything anymore."). When players find a skeleton clutching a medicine bottle under a blanket, there is a strong implication that the remains belong to the author of the diary.