Manager, Marketing

This position is responsible for managing various ESRB marketing initiatives and reports to the Senior Vice President, Marketing and Communications. Job responsibilities include, but are not limited to, developing marketing initiatives in support of ESRB ratings awareness and use and other outreach goals, reporting of key departmental metrics, planning and implementing consumer research, monitoring and running social media accounts, supporting the consumer facing web pages of esrb.org, managing email list(s) and sending content to subscribers, maintaining and expanding ESRB’s retail partnerships, and when necessary managing ESRB’s outreach to current and potential partner companies supporting ESRB services (e.g., ESRB ratings education, IARC, Privacy Certified).


ESRB Marketing Outreach

  • Contribute to the development and implementation of marketing initiatives aligned with organizational goals. Identify opportunities to distribute education outreach materials supporting ratings awareness and use and other tools.
  • Manage website and mobile app updates, content development projects, and user engagement opportunities.
  • Provide direction and oversight of the agencies involved with publishing new and updated content and hosting of the consumer facing web pages of esrb.org.
  • Coordinate with ESRB’s technical team to monitor and ensure stability of the consumer facing web pages of esrb.org.
  • Lead development and continued operations of new and currently deployed social media accounts (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and identify key performance indicators measuring effectiveness.
  • Provide direction and oversight of the agency managing ESRB’s social media accounts.
  • Report results of social media initiatives and provide insight as to how ESRB can better reach and engage target audience(s).
  • Manage the email subscriber list and distribute content to it.
  • Support ESRB Retail Council (ERC) engagement including, but not limited to, identifying key performance indicators, conducting audits, and reporting results.
  • Manage marketing outreach efforts supporting IARC deployment and coordinate participation of regional rating authorities and platforms/storefronts when necessary.
  • Manage internal and external marketing resources to develop ratings education materials, contests, collateral, videos, social media posts, mobile apps, ESRB branded premiums, retailer signs and assets, translations, infographics, internal graphs and charts, presentations, and other creative projects.
  • Include program measurement strategies indicating effectiveness and/or challenges.


Analysis and Results Reporting

  • Collect and manage the monthly reporting of metrics from ESRB marketing and communications.
  • Streamline obtainment of reporting data and improve its accuracy when possible.
  • Using insight gleaned from the monthly reporting, collaborate with communications and senior management in formulating strategies to increase website traffic, mobile app downloads and rating searches.
  • Monitor website ranking and optimize organic search results.
  • Provide senior management with additional analysis, insight, and reporting.


Other Responsibilities 

  • Help prepare the President for speaking opportunities, industry presentations and other appearances.
  • Facilitate ESRB’s presence at trade shows, conferences, and other expositions.
  • Coordinate with ESA communications and government affairs teams when necessary.
  • Attend relevant industry seminars, with prior approval by supervisor.


Position Requirements

The position of Manager – Marketing for the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB) is based in New York City. The position requires a minimum of two years of experience in marketing. Excellent writing, communication, and analytic skills are required. Must have ability to work with senior management and other internal and external partners while achieving progress on multiple projects.  Must be very detail oriented, motivated, self-directed, and willing to pitch in at all levels and travel occasionally.