LEGO City: Undercover

Platform: Wii U

Rating Category:

Content Descriptors: Cartoon Violence, Crude Humor


Rating Summary: In this open-world adventure game, players assume the role of Lego-police officer Chase McCain as he goes undercover to capture a criminal. Players explore Lego City's open-world environment, investigate crime scenes, and apprehend criminals to complete mission objectives. Players use an assortment of 'cartoony' firearms (over-sized lasers/blasters, and pistols) to stun enemies or douse them in color; players can also grab or throw enemies to the ground in hand-to-hand combat. In some driving sequences, players can slam into fleeing vehicles, causing them to break apart into Lego pieces. A handful of sequences depict slapstick-style and bathroom humor: characters emitting flatulence; bird droppings falling on a character's head; a character getting kicked in the crotch.