Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan

Platform: Nintendo 3DS

Rating Category:

Content Descriptors: Mild Blood, Mild Fantasy Violence, Mild Language, Mild Suggestive Themes

Rating Summary: This is a role-playing game in which players control a group of fighters that explore fantastical labyrinths. Players engage in turn-based combat against a variety of fantasy creatures (e.g., large insects, slime creatures, sorcerers), selecting moves from a menu-based set of options. Attack moves are accompanied by light effects, bashing sounds, and hit point values. One labyrinth contains a hallway and a door that is stained with blood; a bear is also depicted with red stains on its fur and claws. A few female characters are depicted wearing bikini/low-cut tops that expose deep cleavage; one line of suggestive dialogue states, 'I gotta lady boner harder dan steel for dat stuff!' The words “bastard,” “damn,” and “hell” appear in dialogue.