Os Cavaleiros do Zodíaco: Batalha do Santuário

Platform: PlayStation 3

Rating Category:

Content Descriptors: Fantasy Violence, Mild Language

Rating Summary: This is an action-adventure game based on characters from the Knights of the Zodiac comic book/TV show franchise. Players assume the role of mystical warriors who punch, kick, and use magical attacks to defeat human-like enemies (e.g., soldiers, demons); extra points are awarded for multiple attack combos. Battles are accompanied by slashing sounds, shockwave effects, and colorful explosions; damage is indicated by depleting health meters. A few cutscenes depict additional acts of violence (e.g., characters impaled by rose stems and arrows). Portuguese translations of the words “damn” and “a*s” (e.g., “Drogo! Nem consigo arranhar!” and “Vim te dar uma surra!”) can be heard in the dialogue.