Worms Crazy Golf

Platform: Windows PC, PlayStation 3

Rating Category:

Content Descriptors: Comic Mischief, Mild Cartoon Violence

Rating Summary: This is a 2D golf game in which players control small worms that compete on whimsical courses (e.g., Fun Fair, Graveyard, Pirate Cave). Players hit their ball over obstacles and use special abilities (e.g., reverse gravity, time control) to complete course challenges. Some challenges require players to hit “cartoony” sheep, bats, and critters with golf balls, causing them to disappear in brief puffs of smoke. The game also contains instances of slapstick humor and off-beat descriptions (e.g., “Privates on parade?” “Kamikaze!” and “Impeccable balance, great curves . . . Everything you could want from a surfer babe speech bank.”).