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State of Mind

Macintosh, Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Blood, Language, Partial Nudity, Sexual Themes, Use of Drugs, Violence
This is an adventure game in which players assume the role of a journalist uncovering lost memories in a futuristic Berlin. Players explore a dystopian, cyberspace-themed world; interact with characters; and solve various puzzles along the way. Some interactions lead to instances of violence: robotic police gunning down club patrons; terrorist bombings killing non-adversary civilians; a woman dying in a car crash. Blood is depicted as characters are injured/killed; some environments depict pools of blood around victims' bodies. The game includes some sexual material: a cyber-sex scene in which a woman—stylized with doll skin—orders a fully clothed man to perform various actions (no real sexual act occurs); a strip-club sequence depicting robotic pole dancers; stylized posters of women/robots with exposed breasts. During the course of the game, characters are sometimes depicted under the influence of drugs (e.g., overdosing on pills; players' screen blurry/distorted); some environments also contain drug paraphernalia (e.g., bongs). The word “sh*t” is heard in the game.