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PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Blood and Gore, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes
This is an action game in which players assume the role of a cyborg that hunts down criminals in a futuristic world. Players use a katana blade to stab and slash at various enemies (e.g., humans, robots, creatures) in frenetic combat. Large blood-splatter effects occur frequently during battle; decapitation and dismemberment of enemies are also depicted. Cutscenes also contain intense instances of violence, including close-up views of death/decapitation: a villain stabbing himself in the stomach; a man shot in the head; a character's head sliced off. Players also have the ability to collect enemy body parts as spoils of battle (to increase cyborg's skills/abilities). During the course of the game, characters sometimes engage in suggestive/sexual behavior: one cutscene depicts a man and a woman caressing and grinding against each other (moaning sounds can be heard); in several mini-games, players earn points for looking at women's cleavage and crotch area, though no nudity is depicted.