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Windows PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360
Blood and Gore, Drug Reference, Intense Violence, Sexual Themes, Strong Language
This is an action-adventure game in which players assume the role of James Heller, a soldier attempting to track down the man responsible for spreading a deadly virus. Players use machine guns, explosives, and Heller's superhuman abilities (e.g., “shape-shifting” his limbs into claws or bladed weapons) to kill zombies, human soldiers, and mutated creatures in melee-style combat. Battles are highlighted by realistic gunfire, screams of pain, and large explosions. Unarmed civilians can also be killed without consequence, or “consumed” for a minimal health boost. Some of the more intense attacks result in characters getting crushed, impaled, or sliced in half amid blood splatter and body parts—slow-motion effects and zoomed-in camera angles highlight the over-the-top violence. As the game progresses, some scenes reference sexual material: “One thing you don't really gotta be nervous about: no sex diseases no more,” “No need to touch me. Unless it's on my d*ck,” and “I thought she was having an orgasm . . .” A few sequences also mention drugs (e.g., “Carson is . . . not a nutjob crackhead like most of the Gentek doctors.”), and one fleeting montage depicts a razor blade cutting up a line of cocaine. The words “f**k,” “sh*t,” and “c*nt” can be heard in the dialogue.