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Divinity II - The Dragon Knight Saga

Windows PC, Xbox 360
Blood, Suggestive Themes, Violence

In this role-playing game, set in a mythical land of dragons and knights, players assume the role of either a dragon slayer or a fire-breathing beast. As a dragon, players are able to fly though the air and shoot fireballs at fantastical creatures and other dragons; as a human dragon slayer, players mainly complete quests and use a sword to attack soldiers, demons, goblins, and (of course) dragons. Combat is depicted from a third-person perspective and usually involves multiple sword-slashes and punches inflicted against enemies that emit spurts of blood when hit. Some game environments are smeared or stained with large amounts of blood: the floors of dungeons and chambers are sometimes covered in it; a tower-pavilion area is drenched in dark, winding splotches; corpses can be found strewn in small pools. Human bodies—in varying degrees of decay—are also depicted hanging from ceilings and gallows, lying near implements of torture, and burning on stakes. During the course of the game, players can engage in suggestive dialogue and name-calling; some of the more pertinent examples are as follows: "I'll see you in pieces once more, prostitute of the pervert," "At least you still have your collection of erotically engraved cannonballs," and "Everybody loves her cute behind. Only it's strictly 'look, but don't touch.'" Additionally, in-game books may contain suggestive limericks and stories; for example, "He was little in more ways than one, with no idea how to compensate for life's nasty little jokes" and "the women sighed and loudly wept, for him with whom they in the hay had slept."