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Truth or Lies

PlayStation 3, Wii, Xbox 360
Crude Humor, Drug Reference, Mild Language, Sexual Themes, Violent References

This is a multiplayer trivia game in which players answer a series of questions intended to be embarrassing and humorous. Players are awarded points based on whether the game determines "the truth" of players' answers. Some questions may contain references to violence (e.g., "Would you ever kill a mime for $100,000?" "Would you cheese-grate the skin off your knees for $25,000?" and "Would you body slam your mom for $30,000?"); other questions make references to "smoking marijuana," "a tab of LSD," and a "best friend who is a stoner"; and several questions have sexual themes (e.g., "Date by date, what do you expect sexually from the other person you are seeing?" "You find porn on your parents' computer," "Would you rather have marathon sex or sprint sex?" and "Your partner's underground sex tape just hit the streets . . ."). The game contains language such as "a*s" and "hell" and crude humor such as "humidifier full of urine," "an avalanche of doggy poo," and "dry heave or juicy fart?"